About us

We are the owners of Ultra Premium Brands company which trades premium spirits and natural vines. Ultra Premium Apartments are luxury apartments in the centre of Český Krumlov situated in historical building from 16th century. Since 16th century the building had been modified many times. The most radical change happened in 1929 during First republic era and some of the characteristics are still visible especially from Roosevelt street.

We purchased this building above the Vltava river in a miserable state in 2016 and thanks to our architect Marek Somodka, who also projected our Prague showroom Warehouse #1, we were able to transform this demolished building into 3 luxury apartments and bistro Topinka as we planned.

We have been travelling around the world a lot and experienced many accommodations. Unfortunately there were not many memorable places where we would feel good, where we could walk through the room without tripping over our suitcases, had a nice view or where we would have quality bed with comfortable pillows and where we could enjoy our stay without any disturbances. That is the reason why we decided to make this space as convenient as possible for our guests based on our own experiences. We want those who choose to visit Český Krumlov and Ultra Premium Apartments not to regret their decision and to get proper value for their money.

Jakub Janeček and Jiří Rabel